DDS Security has continued strong ties within the community. We understand that in order to achieve an overall goal of “safety to everyone”, strong partnerships within the community are essential towards this progress. Through various community outlets, DDS has gained hands-on knowledge and experience concerning the improvements needed for law enforcement and security officers. With these outlets, DDS strengthens its developmental initiatives toward future security assessments.

DDS has made a commitment to give back a percentage of the net income per month directly to the community. The commitment has touched hundreds of households and organizations to date. Additionally, we have partnered with several community organizations and leaders to strengthen the “voice” and raise awareness in specific areas. DDS will focus its efforts, through education and awareness, specifically on these causes:

  • Abused/Neglected Children
  • Battered Women
  • Felon Retraining/Re-entry
  • Community Redevelopment
  • Financial Literacy
  • Family Health Awareness

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